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The African Journal Archive is a retrospective digitisation project of full-text journal articles published in Africa, in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, providing access to a multi-disciplinary, multi-country digital archive of Africa's research and cultural heritage contained in its journal literature.

The African Journal Archive is a project of Sabinet Gateway, a non-profit organisation promoting and supporting library and information services in Africa. The project is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. See Press Release of 8th June 2008.

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The Archive is an integrated full-text electronic journal repository providing:

  • Comprehensive research into African scholarly work, accessible both continentally and internationally.
  • Accessibility for contributors to their own research information.
  • International exposure for African researchers/authors work.
  • Better utilisation of publically funded research.
  • Exposure for African research institutes creating opportunities for future donor funding.
  • Linking and interoperability with other digital collections.
Uploaded to date: Titles: 182
Issues: 8 906
Articles: 121 766

List of Titles

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Sabinet Open Access Journal Collection.

This collection currently comprises 46 South African journals, which may be searched individually, and provides immediate access to the PDF versions of 6 000+ full-text articles. Of the journals in the collection, 15 appear on the Approved South African Journals list, the ISI list, or the IBSS list. New journal titles and issues are added to the collection on an ongoing basis.

Some journals also contain metadata records (including abstracts) for older articles where full text is not available.